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chokkie | 06:50 Tue 21st Feb 2012 | Travel
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Mr Chox' driving licence seems to expire in April 2013. Why does it have to be renewed? Is it the picture. Does anyone know how to renew the driving licence. He's got one of those photocsard things with the usual paper extra bit.

And then what does he have to do next?

Thanks, Chox.


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Yes, if he is has not yet reached a ripe old age, or he doesn't have a PSV or HGV that needs renewing at 45 and every 5 years thereafter, then it is the photo that expired.
I had mine through yesterday
sorry, what does he have to do - He'll get a reminder in the post, follow the instructions =)
As Ojread2 indicates, the photocard part of the licence is only valid for 10 years (just like a passport).

Additionally, all licences automatically expire (even if the photo is recent) when the holder is 70. Licences then have to be renewed at that age, and every 3 years thereafter. (As Ojread2 indicates, younger age limits apply to drivers of certain types of vehicles)

Renewing the photo:

Renewing at age 70:

OH took his to a local PO where they took an appropriate photo and sent off all the paperwork, he had it back in 5 days. Not every PO offers the service but you can check on-line.
Just reading my form and if you have been issued a passport in the last 5 years you can do it online =)
That makes my life easier as it saves having a pic done

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renew driving licences

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