Mobile phones in Vegas

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Pinkpee | 14:13 Mon 20th Feb 2012 | Travel
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I am travelling to Vegas shortly and as it's such a rip off to use UK networks over there for phone, text and data, someone suggested getting an American Sim card and putting it in our phones... has anyone done this... does it work and any suggestions for decent networks?


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We went to California in 2010 and we bought an american phonecard for $20. You scratch off the panel, phone the free number on the card and it credits your phone (whether you are on a contract or payg) with the $20. We were away for 3 weeks and that's all I used and no scary phonebill when I got home. we got them from grocery stores and petrol stations out there.
Don't know if this will be any help but I was working in canada and got a canadian sim for my phone as it was cheaper -i just got a pay as you go -this worked as most calls and texts were going to be in Canada . i would call into a shop when you get there and get some advice - remember in north America you get charged to recieve calls as well as make them.
It will depend on the frequencies your handset is designed to use. I would doubt there being any problems using a US SIM card in any recent handset. But do check to be on the safe side.
Does your phone need to be unlocked to use a US sim card?
Actually that is an interesting point. Since I've always had unlocked handsets I don't tend to consider that. It may well do since locking the handset, by definition, is supposed to ensure you use only the supplier's network, or "roam" onto an foreign one they've agreed to allow calls on.
I know my girlfriends phone that was locked to O2 would not accept an Italian sim card (even though when we bought the phone from O2 they said it would).
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Mobile phones in Vegas

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