St Patrick's Day 2011 Edinburgh

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joey88 | 20:25 Tue 14th Feb 2012 | Travel
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Just booked a weekend visit to Edinburgh for my birthday and it happens to coincide with the weekend of the 15th. Anybody got any suggestions of what to do over that weekend? We're all aged from 20-24.

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try getting drunk. enjoy : )
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Sorry, just re-read this should of course say 2012!
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Thank you Shooty!
If you're going to get drunk you'd better take a lot of cash with you!
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How expensive are we talking peas?
and a coat if you smoke. it gets mighty cold up there. Brrrrrr
capital prices
£3.50 a pint (average)
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Do one of the ghost walks....doing it sober is optional!
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Thank you everybody for your help. £3.50 sounds rather reasonable indeed so hopefully wont break the bank too much.

Thank you 'shortplanks', yes we did know this! We're at uni in Norwich and Edinburgh wasn't too expensive to get to on the trains you see, where as to get to Ireland was both expensive and a little unfeasible to do just for a weekend.

Somebody else has suggested a ghost walk so I think we are going to try and slip one of those in, in between the many drinks of course!
Pity you wont be able to go on the trams .Will they be finished ever
Planks....the 17th is a Saturday so the nearest weekend.
Loads to do in Edinburgh and some of it cheap/free. The old town - Royal Mile, Lawnmarket etc. sounds ideal for you. Great atmosphere , loads of pubs and a great place to sit out if it's warm enough. Enjoy my capital city.
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Thank you very much Maggie! Have just been looking on google maps and it looks very close to where we're staying indeed! Perfect!

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St Patrick's Day 2011 Edinburgh

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