Flight Durations - UK to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Oz, Oz to USA

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flipflop104 | 10:40 Tue 19th Apr 2005 | Travel
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I'm planning a trip to Australia next year and plan to fly from the UK to Hong Kong, then Hong Kong to Australia, then Australia to Las Vegas (before flying home - I know how long it takes from Vegas).

Could anyone provide me with approximate flight durations for each of these flights (not sure where in Oz we'll be flying in and out of yet hence approximate)

Thanx in advance


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I've recently been looking at something similar:

London - Hong Kong - 11 hours 20 mins, plus 8 hours time difference

Hong Kong - Sydney - 8 hours 55 mins, plus 2 hours time difference

Sydney - Las Vegas (Guestimate!!)- 13 hours 30 mins, minus 20 hours time difference

I'd be surprised if you could fly direct from Oz to Las Vegas. You'll probably have to go via LA or possibly San Francisco

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Flight Durations - UK to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Oz, Oz to USA

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