australian visa application . advice please

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goldenbolls | 11:31 Sat 10th Sep 2011 | Travel
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i completed an online visa questionaire with i got word back today that i was successfull with my online application. i applied for working visa , i am a welder with offshore B.o.i.s.e.t survival certificate. i want to work and live eventually in australia. the visa company wants a sum of around £2000 from me for making my visa etc.... i cannot help feeling that they are sucking me in and eventually i will be refused after i pay them their fee. it takes around 7-8 months for the visa to be processed apparently.

one thing i should say is this, i was very stupid and mindless when i was young and recieved a jail term in 1984 which is now spent ( wont go into detail but it was not drugs or sex related ) can i apply for the visa myself ? what type of evidence do i need as in uk i have been out of work now 1 year and have no wage slips . i can give my current welding / offshore survival certs etc. do not want to pay these guys unless i was guaranteed. i am a very hard worker and really want to leave uk and start a new life elsewhere with my family ( wife and 2 year old baby ) but i guess it is not going to be easy ? any advice would be much appreciated THANKYOU. i hold uk british and irish (republic of ireland ) passports, i have dual citizenship.


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Good luck!
i thought you said you did not meet the points criteria for australia?
I can't work out why you're applying via a commercial organisation (which will cost you extra and introduce the possibility of wasting your money) when you should be applying directly to the Australian High Commission in London (or in Dublin).

All of the information you require should be here:


PS: Overseas governments don't recognise the UK's Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, so convictions are never regarded as 'spent' when applying for visas.
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thanks cris and alagopus much appreciated. cris if i apply using my irish passport would i have to declare my conviction ? it was 26 odd years ago and i commited the offence in the uk ( not southern ireland )

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