Hamleys, Regent Street. Nearest tube station?

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whiskeysheri | 20:37 Sat 30th Jul 2011 | Travel
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I'm trying to plan my day in London with my niece. I wondered if anyone might know which Tube station is closest to it, please? Its website lists five (Bond Street, Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus and Tottenham Court Road), but I'd rather know, just in case it happens to rain. Thanks in advance! :)


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Oxford circus is the closest.
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Great stuff. Much appreciated, SMP. :)
As already mentioned the nearest station is Oxford Circus. Head down Regent Street (about 10 mins walk) and you`ll be there.
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That's great, 237SJ! Thanks for that. :)
Oxford Circus

Picadilly C - about 500 yards up Regents St past Burberrys, Garrards, and not quite as far as Liberty's
Hamley's is nothing like ten minutes from Oxford Circus (you could get to Piccadilly Circus or beyond in that time). It is about 250 yards from Oxford Circus tube - about two and a half minutes stroll.

Many people believe that distances in London are farther than they really are. This is possibly the fault of the tube map. People see two stops as being a huge distance (possibly because they compare it to Crewe to Manchester) and think it is an impossible distance. In reality any two stations in Central London (i.e. roughly the area enclosed by the Circle Line) are rarely more than five minutes brisk walk apart. (yes, I know there are exceptions). The most amusing spectacle is to watch commuters who have to "surface" from the main line stations during a tube strike. A sight to behold.
I believe it is actually quicker to walk between Leicester Square and Covent Garden than take the tube between the two stations.
Certainly is plautus. It is 260 metres by train (and a similar distance on the surface). However, the Piccadilly line is quite deep at that point and Covent Garden is only accessible by lift. To make the journey by train takes a good ten minutes from street level to street level, whilst a stroll along Long Acre takes a couple of minutes or so. There is also the matter of the fare - at £4 single it works out at about £24 per mile!

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Hamleys, Regent Street. Nearest tube station?

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