Ibiza,Majorca or Turkey?

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bloomwood | 16:36 Fri 22nd Jul 2011 | Travel
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We want to go away in September,we love the beach and the sea, other couple we are going with like a pool,any suggestions for a lovely quite quiet resort with adecent hotel close to the beach. Have been on loads of sites and googled different places, but would like to hear from anyone who has any recommendations, many thanks P x.


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why don't you get a villa?
Hi bloomwood

Look Up Peublo Indalo Mojacar Almeria there is a complex with pools and there is also a hotel, both of these across a road from the beach..lovely place
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Hi bednobs,villas are usually out of the way and nobody wants to drive,anyway dont want to cook would feel obliged if we were in a villa.
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Will look that up Tilly thanks,have you been there?
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Yes, thanks Doc but was thinking of going somewhere hot and where it doesn't rain every 5 mins lol.XXX
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How about Cala Galdana...Menorca?
Is that where you live, Sqad?
If you're beach people you can't beat Menorca. Sqad's suggestion would match your requirements.
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We are looking at Menorca as well Sqad,seems to be nice and quiet just what we are after.
Hopkirk I live on the Island, but not in a resort.
I'm very jealous
Hopkirk...LOL...don't be ...pluses and minuses wherever one lives.
I'll take your minuses any day!
My heart bleeds for you.
we stayed at portinax in ibiza once.. nice beach and the hotel presidente had a nice pool..very quiet part of the island ..
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Will look at all places that have been suggested,many thanks for all answers.
try olu deniz in turkey-it has one of the most photographed beaches in the world.
it is a small resort,just nice,no 18-30`s there or brits making a fool of themselves.
i loved it there i went 3 years can get a dolmus at the bottom of the resort near the beach to go to hisaronu which is a bit livelier
plus it is still 80-90 degrees in september

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Ibiza,Majorca or Turkey?

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