Tour of Egypt , Jordon , Israel

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Bazile | 17:19 Wed 20th Jul 2011 | Travel
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What do you suggest is the best method of bringing spending money and in what currencies , to the above countries .

Any suggestions ?



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We went on a Nile Cruise last year and were unable to get Egyptian Dollars in the UK. We were advised to take some low denomination US Dollars to use as tips when we got there. US Dollars seem to be acceptable everywhere we went in Egypt but you can get Egyptian Dollars from the cash machines outside banks etc.
I read the same advice as Graham re. Egypt....but in fact I found when I got there most Egyptians (pre-Lotus Revolution) struggled to get US currency changed. The Red Sea resorts may be different but certainly in the Nile Valley you need to get hold of low denom notes for tipping, and these were always in short supply (and filthy).
The thing is, a whole dollar isn't a big thing to us, but it's about 4 times the standard tip in Egypt. While that's lucky for the recipient, it spoils the whole shebang - other staff start mithering for more tips, other tourists get put under undue pressure, and it then becomes the expectation rather than a civilised recognition of service provided / reasonable greasing of a low-income palm.
Traders in tourist areas seemed happy to sell in dollars, euros and sterling.
So I'd suggest getting hold of low denom currency when you get into each country for local tips- and if Egypt is anything to go by, some antibacterial hand wipes.
Hi, I have been to Egypt and Israel, a few years ago mind and as others have said the US Dollar seems to be very acceptable. In some places in Israel the prices are in US Dollars and some places seem to be reluctant to take the Israeli shekel. One hotel I stayed in had the bar price list listed in US Dollars and when I went to pay in shekels they had to go and find out the exchange rate. I would say a mix of the country you are in and US Dollars would be ok and as others have said take some low denomination ones for tips.
The best currencies to bring on your trip to Africa are the US Dollar and the European Euro. I usually take my ATM/Debit card and withdraw money as soon as I arrive, either at the airport or in town.
Same as others are saying, the US dollar is generally accepted in most establishments. If you don't want to undergo this kind of problem, I think bringing your debit/credit card with you will help when it comes to purchasing something as credit cards are widely used outside the country.

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Tour of Egypt , Jordon , Israel

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