Elephants v beach hols.

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information | 19:11 Sun 03rd Jul 2011 | Travel
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HI Guys this is a thoughy. I want to see Elephants-He wants beach hol. -don't want safari as such - or just day excursions - getting on a bit-him not me! Somewhere all inclusive -not Goa or Sri Lanka.

Many thanks,
Jersey, C.I.


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South Africa maybe?
Blackpool - it has a Zoo and a beach. Much cheaper!
do you want elephants that are exploited?
Question Author
Frankie, that's an insult.
Carmalee-No! -maybe you should both digest the question.
inormation - I have read, learned and inwardly digested elephant tourism abuse abroad if you want to help these wonderful creatures google something like elehpant abuse/ tourism in the country you want to visit .
Serious answer - what about volunteering at an elephant orphanage?


Then a week on a beach to allow you to recover - you would probably need it.

That sounds like a brilliant idea wolf. I'd love to be able to do something like that.
Try this - elephants and the sea close to each other:
It`s a shame you don`t want Sri Lanka. You can do all inclusive beach holidays there and there is a place you can visit where they take the working elephants to the river for a wash. You can ride them and scrub them with a broom. If you don`t want a traditional African safari the other option is an elephant safari in India or elephant trekking in Thailand.
Agree 237SJ, they also look after elephants injured due to poaching etc. Tourism hasn't picked up since the tsunami so it's relatively quiet.
... and the people are lovely
Why would anyone want an all inclusive holiday? Same pools, same people, same beach, same restaurants, day after day, how boring.
most people don't go on holiday for excitement, they go to relax.
Dave50 - you are allowed to leave!
But people never leave the resort . Why eat and drink outside the resort when everything is already paid for. Also you could be anywhere if you are in one of these plastic resorts and never venture out. THey make me laugh these poeple who say "we went to Dominican Republic, it was beautiful". They never saw any of it apart from the all inclusive resort they were in so how do they know? They might as well just gone to an all inclusive resort in Spain.

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Elephants v beach hols.

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