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koster | 18:44 Thu 02nd Jun 2011 | Travel
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Flying from London City Airport with BA to Frankfurt tomorrow. We'll check in online and have hand luggage only.

Accoring to the BA website, we could arrive at the airport just 15 minutes before the flight. Is this really true? Or is there a risk that it'll take more than 15 minutes to go through security and get to the gate?

Please ensure you are familiar with the check-in and boarding times used at London City airport as they differ from other London airports.

You must pass through check-in no later than 15 minutes before your flight.
You must be at your boarding gate at least 10 minutes before your flight.


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It`s only a small airport so there shouldn`t be massive queues through security but 15 minutes is the absolute minimum. I would give it longer than that to take account for the person in front of you at the x ray who doesn`t take his laptop out of his bag, then realises he needs to remove his shoes, then leaves his keys in his pocket etc etc.
As said, the airport is small and (in my opinion) an absolute delight to travel through because of it. I have been through security, to the gate, sat down for a matter of 5 minutes and then walked straight onto the aircraft (just outside the doorway) that more or less immediately set off for the runway (a very short taxi stretch) and took off - and I was not holding up the flight. The whole thing from my going for the security check to takeoff was probably no more than 15 minutes, if that. Compare that with the bigger airports and the same can easily take in excess of an hour. But the advice already given is wise, do not rely on the absolute minimum of advance arrival to join the flight.

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London City Airport

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