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MrPahoehoe | 00:43 Thu 03rd Feb 2011 | Getting there
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I'm going along the M4 from Bristol to London on Friday morning. I need to be at the South Kensington tube station by about 8:30.

As trains are ridiculous (over 140 return), i'm going to drive and get a train closer in. Currently thinking of driving to Hounslow West tube station and getting on the tube from there as it is direct. According to the relevant websites, this car park has around 450 spaces. As I have never been there before, my question is: if I arrive at 8am this Friday morning, will the car park be full?

Also, if there are any local experts, will the M4 eastbound around Heathrow, be extremely busy at about 8am on a Friday morning?....obviously there is no accounting for accidents, I just mean generally.

My other option is to drive to Reading and do the same from here, but as it is a rail station this would cost about 5 times more money (65 as opposed to 12)!

Cheers, MrP


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MrP, the M4 will be extremely busy, as will routes in towards Hounslow. I imagine that you are going to exit the M4 at junction 3 and travel south on the Parkway, the A312 and then turn left at the Waggoners roundabout and travel down the Bath Road to Hounslow West. I'm puzzled about the 400 space car park however, I didn't think it was that big but it is just before the station, on the left. The whole of Hounslow is jam packed at peak times, given its proximity to Heathrow and major road routes, if you can, aim to arrive well before 8am.
You can do it for £48 return (walkon) on the train if you leave at stupid o'clock - 0445 I think......

I've found car parks on Friday mornings less crowded than on other days - but no experience of this particular one.

Heathrow's a possibility - but parking will be expensive although easy enough to come by
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Hi Guys, thanks for getting back to me!

e.crespo - do you think the car park will be full before, say, 7:30?

Sounds like i might be better just going from Reading? - the car park there as something like 1200 spaces. Even with having to take the tube from Paddington to South Kensington, the time is about the same....just costs £65 as opposed to £12!
There` a car park at Hatton Cross station which is on the Picadilly line as well. It`s small though and you don`t really want to be frantically driving around looking for somewhere to park.
MrP, I would give it a go. Take it easy on the roads through Hounslow.
I`ve just had an idea. Drive to Richmond, park in the Old Deer Park car park or the multi-story and get on the train there. That line goes to South Kensington.
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Cheers all, I'm going to try for Hounslow West. Potential fall back of Heathrow if it all goes wrong.
Good luck Mr P, I dont envy you.
if actually parking at Heathrow airport, make sure you're in a long-stay park; the short-stay ones cost approximately a million pounds a minute.

What did you land up doing and how was the parking?
Park in Uxbridge (Chimes Shopping Centre) then get the tube which is right outside.

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