cheap flights, again!! ?

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maxximus | 10:01 Sun 04th Feb 2007 | Getting there
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i live in canada and would like to fly to rome, paris or milan, haven't decided as of yet. all the cheaper canadian charter flights stop between mid october to early april or so. i would like to fly mar.4 i can get a reasonably priced return flight from vancouver to london. i have seen a flight with easy- jet one way from milan to london, for 1 pence plus fees and taxes. i've seen a host of others to various places in europe for peanuts, is this for real and if so can a canadian citizen get these prices and how would he go about it? is it only online? can it be done at the airport? can you get them same day, last minute. i would love to bring my daughter with me but with the prices i'm getting from vancouver direct to any of these places, it doesn't look promising. any help,advice would be much appreciated. cheers eh!


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Those cheap fares are for real and can be had online from anywhere in the world with a credit or debit card. They are only available if you book well ahead - if you try to book at the airport or last minute you will be charged the highest fare for that route. It's only the first 10% (say) of bookings that get the cheap fare. Fares then start to rise as the plane fills.

Remember to allow PLENTY OF TIME for connections - particularly if you have to change airports in London. If you miss your flight your fare is lost and you'll have to buy another (expensive) ticket.

A minimum of 5 hours between any 2 London airports is recommended - more wouldn't go amiss. It's not the travelling time - it's clearing immigration and collecting your baggage on arrival and check in and sewcurity on departure.

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thankyou very much dzug, that seems like a lot of time between airports, very important, thanx loads for that. i'm going to start looking into it asap, if i encounter any more dilemas i will be sure to ask. again thankyou much, cheers eh!
Believe me it's not a lot of time - if your plane is delayed, there's a long queue at immigration, the first bus is full and the second held up in traffic that 5 hours can vanish into nothing. And as you are not an official connecting passenger (budget airlines don't believe in connections) you are on your own if you miss the plane.
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yes your quite right, time flies very quickly, especially when you have to be somewhere at a specific time, your not sure where you are going and there are different elements involved in the trip. such as buses,trains or subways. how far and how long does it take to get from heathrow to the other london airports, is there a website that has this information, airport- airport, airport-trainstation, etc? thanx again.
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your the man/woman dzug! running a little behind just heading out the door, thanks for your help. cheers.
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