Bus Passes In Exeter & Torquay Query?

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cleoval | 03:54 Mon 26th Oct 2020 | Getting there
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Hi I am 63 and my Husband 65 and want to live in Exeter Devon or Torquay. Does anybody know what age the Bus Passes will entitle you to free travel in this City & Town please.? Thanks.


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perhaps enter the years you were born on the Gov.UK calculator

i have had mine for some years but got one through mental health disability, but it ran out and was renewed this year till 2025.
i am 66 so now at official retirement age for women. born in 1954
sorry 66 shortly....
I think you now have to be 66 now to get a bus pass.
Do they have buses in Devon. Thought the transport network was horse and cart.

65 I thought was a national standard.
oh well, 66
DTC the age to get a bus pass goes up with the age to claim your pension. If you are disabled though you can get one at any age.
if in doubt check my links, or phone the local council of where you intend to live, it won't cost that much for a call
Here in London our bankrupt Mayor wants to take them away from the elderly and disabled meanwhile screwing the private motorist for every penny in hiked up congestion charges and unnecessary road closures and restriced carriageways.He is creating much more traffic pollution than he needs and helping to destroy the hospitality and arts industry at the same time..
66 nationwide.
The entitlement age for a free bus pass in England has always been, and remains, the age when a woman becomes eligible for her State Pension. (The entitlement age for a man was/is the same as that for a woman born on the same day as him). So it was originally 60 but it has gradually risen in line with the qualifying age for a State Pension.

As Maydup indicates, both Cleoval and her husband will become eligible for their State Pensions, and for their free bus passes, at the age of 66.

The rules are the same throughout the whole of England. In other parts of the UK the qualifying age remains at 60 (despite the increase in State Pension age) but in England it will eventually rise to 68.
retro, couldn't agree more. shameful, spiteful, egotistical man, who i can't stand. how people afford to drive into the capital is beyond me.
never have i see so many road works, all to appease the bloody cycling lobby.
There is a golden rule in politics: Don't alienate the grey vote. Those who do, do so at their peril.
Retro agreed but I bet he hasn't mentioned or even thought of taking away free bus travel for relations of transport staff.
Maydup - 66 nationwide? Really? What nation are you talking about? Everyone over 60 gets a free bus pass in Scotland.
/Everyone over 60 gets a free bus pass in Scotland.\

No doubt funded from English coffers.

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Bus Passes In Exeter & Torquay Query?

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