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chazza | 11:01 Mon 01st Feb 2010 | Destinations
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We are getting married in October and doing everything on a budget. We would like a honeymoon to somewhere excluding UK (departing Dublin or Belfast) but don't know where would be cheap (especially with the Euro so bad)

I was thinking of Croatia, any other suggestions?


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This used to be a major holiday resort for honeymooners after the second world war.

They use the pound so Euro is not a problem, and there is not VAT (or it is very low cant remember) so prices are cheaper.

Flights will be fairly cheap, and it is only a short flight, probably less than an hour.

The capital St Hellier is a fine compact city with loads of quality hotels and lots of places to eat.

It is a small island so very easy to get round by hire car, or the buses are excellent.

You could certainly have a budget honeymoon in Jersey.
Jersey is a good idea but be aware that UK government withdrew reciprical NHS health agreement with the island and you really will need insurance to cover what could be ruinous hospital bills.
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Thanks poodi!

Thanks VHG, we really wanted something a bit further afield than that but we'll put it on our list
>we really wanted something a bit further afield than that

Why? Being further away does not make a holiday better.

Also Jersey has a very French feel so you sort of think you are in France, but can still use pounds etc.
How about Paris? My friend and I went last year on flights which cost £6.80 each way. We found a great little hotel (Hotel Palma We thought we did the whole trip really cheaply and had a great time seeing all the sights. Can't get more romantic than Paris either!
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Paris would be fantastic SQ, I'll have a look at that link now!

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