Holiday in Feb - 10 hrs flight or less

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maimai | 18:47 Sun 21st Dec 2008 | Destinations
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Just trying to search through the holidays bit here. My OH and I haven't had a holiday together and like v v different things. He specifically loves Jamaica and India. I've not been to either but have done the north africa / middle east bits in my past. Am happy to try carribean or Mexico/Cuba. Otherwise maybe Cape Verde. Need sufficient to keep him entertained in trips and foodie stuff and for me to collapse with fairly decent accommodation and clean water. He can still rough it, but I really can't too much anymore for health reasons. Key thing is prob 10 hours max. He loves negril in Jamaica and I'd like to hear other ABers views. Thanks M


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Cuba's no place for foodies unfortunately, but Mexico is, and has lots of culture as well. You've been to Turkey? Wonderful food once you get away from hotel restaurants, and fine beaches
What about Goa? That is about 10 hours and is an India island but very westernised as it attracts hippies. I think the weather is good in February there. It is very reasonably priced.
Turkey in February is fine if you want to freeze or ski - up to minus 25 at that time of year and very little sun.
whoops, didn't notice the Feb in your question. All the same I think you'd have to go well inland to find it 24 below; Istanbul averages a slightly more accommodating 6C.
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Haaa I was in Turkey last weekend of October about ten years ago and had the half and half - torrential rain and no electricity for 4 days matched by 3 days of late 80s... If it was May I would absolutely go for it though.

In Feb it's either Carribean, Mexico (my favourite) at the moment. Cuba is still niggling in my mind. But thanks for the answers so far. Neitehr of us are traditional package holiday people but as we can only do a week are considering our (cheapest) options. Tkx all.

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Holiday in Feb - 10 hrs flight or less

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