Turkey, Morrocco or Egypt

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tobeloy | 15:20 Tue 22nd Jul 2008 | Destinations
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With the euro being crap at the moment we are thinking of going to Turkey mid september, not been before and wondered if anyone can give us some avice about which resort mey suit us and and also clear up some questions we have as we seem to be getting conficting info from people we have asked. Our party will be 5 adults and one child, we dont want somewhere too party central and not too quiet, the child is 9 and as long as there is a water park nearby thats fine, the adults want some nightlife but dont want to be stuck in middle of it, however we are hiring a villa and self catering a bit,we are not hiring a car as we have been told you can get anywhere on the dolmus. Our main worries are from people telling us that the prices of food to buy is expensive in shops, as well as eating out and also that alcohol is expensive too. We were also told that taxi's can be expensive too. Turkey was our first choice however we did think about morocco and egypt but again dont know if the cost of living is cheaper in comparison. Also would like somewhere hot around 80 degrees Any help is gratefully appreciated


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Turkey: Eating out is not in my experience expensive. However, the price of drinks has gone up a lot lately. Beer (Efes, Tourborg) is about �1 a bottle, but wine and spirits have rocketed and are similar to UK (they used to be very cheap).
Taxi are not expensive, but make sure you get an estimate before you make your journey.

Egypt: A couple of hours longer on the plane, and is still very hot (90s) in September. Not really any difference to Turkey as regards food and drink, but taxis are very cheap.

You would probably have more of a choice of Villa/house in Turkey
Turkey, end of August or begining of Sep would suit any adult and child(if school not a problem) Weather would be ideal, not too hot. July/Aug would be well over 80 degrees.
Try Marmaris for night life/pubs etc. Not too far away from Marmaris(plenty of Dolmus) Cesme worth a visit.
Food in Turkey is inexpensive, in shops as well as in restaurants. I am not sure who is telling you food/drink is expensive? Not so.
A villa sounds ideal/perfect, especially if you have a pool as well.
Good luck and enjoy your yourself.
Oh, I forgot to mention, avoid Marmaris.
We are going to Side in Turkey in Aug and have been to the same place about 8 times !!! We absolutely love it. Side (pronounced seeday) is about 1hr transfer from Antalya airport on the mediteranean coast. We stay at Hotel Hemera which if all inclusive. Food is fab, drinks available 24/7 and area and people second to none. My parents live in Portugal and I would never go there over Turkey. Euro is crap at mo but Turks take US dollars, Turkish Lira and Euro, so probable at moment US dollar is best at approx $2 to the �. A great web site to look on is, and read reviews from travellers, across the spectrum remarks and very helpful. No doubt the best way to stay in Turkey is all inclusive, We have a son on 10 and teenage girls of 16 and 18 and they love it. Check out Hotel Hemera, you wont be disappointed, i promise, good luck
been to morocco and it's fine for adults but not much for kids to do, unless you go near the coast for water sports
Port-el-Kantaoui in Tunisia is brilliant, a bit up-market but with plenty to do fo adults and kids. Not far from Sousse which is fairly big and less than an hour from Monastir airport. Prices compare very favourably with Turkey. Taxis are very cheap you just set a price befor you get in and food etc is cheap. lovely beach too.
I been to all of those countries and think Egypt the nicest place as said by someone earlier drinks in Turkey is not that cheap - a couple of years ago was near London prices in Altinkum . I dont like Turkey been 4 times and dont think would go back again - I think Morocco not as good for child - in Sharm el Sheik in Egypt there is a massive water park and few kids things about was there few months ago - I found it quite cheap for eating cabs and drinks and I preferred the people to the turks - Egypt is hot into October as was there few year back at that time

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Turkey, Morrocco or Egypt

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