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toecrusher | 01:42 Sun 03rd Jun 2007 | Destinations
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This is the last thing we wanted through the stressful period of revising for A - levels and this summer was the main thing motivating me to revise and also in our weeks half term holiday I've got no revision done because we've been trying to sort out our holiday!
Since then i have heard another story of the same nature about the Alexander only this time the tourists had arrived in Zante only to be moved to Kalamaki, it turned out to be 4 days before the date we were due to depart!! It seems very coincidental to me that this has happened to 2 people (that I've heard of) at the same time of year, it seems like a money making scam to me whereby customers are left with no alternative options but to put up and shut up or fork out more money. What you've got to ask yourself is could it be you and is it worth it?
Obviously like i said I've never been to the apartments and they may be very nice but be warned!! Is it really worth the risk of losing your holiday a few weeks before your departure date?? Or even arriving there only to be moved, you don't want this inconvenience when you've booked and paid for your holiday (especially if you've booked it as early as us). If i was somebody planning to book a holiday here i would be very wary and perhaps look for other cheap deals in similar accommodation before jumping into booking this hotel, trust me its really not worth the stress, the owner seems like a con artist to me!! Up to you but like i said be warned!
May i also add that the holiday was booked at Thomas Cook and they did very little to help, even though there happy to take a cut of the profit from the booking!!! Will not be booking with them again!!!
I hope that my experience has helped people decide on where to spend there holiday, don't let this man get away with it! Don't be conned!!


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Soooooo.....Not a good experience then?

Best place to have a moan about holidays is probably

thanks for the advice though.
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dont worry ive put the same post on there, and many other websites!!!!

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nest post....The alexander - laganas zante

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