Going to Egypt - special swimming shoes needed?

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ChirpyKez | 11:24 Sun 28th Jan 2007 | Destinations
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Hiya. I'm going to Egypt in April for the first time and have been advised to buy some special shoes for swimming in the sea as apparently the coral {I think} is quite rough? Can anyone advise on what these shoes are called or where I might buy some?
Thanks in advance :)


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My guess would be plastic jelly sandals.
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No, I'm sure there are special shoes you can buy!!

I found these ashoes.html
Just put swimming shoes into google & loads come up
I went last year all you need is sea shoes but get them out there they are approx �5 for adults kids cheaper. You cab get them in the UK but I wouldn't bother they will be moe expensive and you'll just have to lug them out there. They are basically a shoe a bit like a trainer but not quite a trainer but in bright colours. They are probably the better than flippers for snorkling especially as the beaches can be quite gritty and walking up the beach in flippers will flick stones everywhere!
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Thanks very much, you have all been really helpfull!
Kooshies are the shoes you buy. It's not the coral that is dangerous but the spiny anemones, they are right up to the shore line, look like spherical porcupines.
You will have the most wonderful holiday, Hurghada is fabulous, my hubby does the diving and I stay on site, people are so friendly, and I never felt lonely.
Good luck to you
You can buy the shoes out there for about a fiver. I would wait until you get there, and don't forget to haggle for everything so you don't get mugged off!! Have a good time, I bloody loved it!! x

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Going to Egypt - special swimming shoes needed?

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