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jezmatron | 02:47 Sat 21st Jan 2012 | Destinations
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Last year my Wife and I had 2 camping holidays in the lakes. Or more specifically, Windermere. The reason we opted for camping was that we could take our beloved dog with us, as we would not enjoy ourselves for guilt had we locked him up in kennels or left him in the hands of people who wont spoil him like we do. Anyway. he hates the rain, and the second time we went it did nothing but rain for 3 out of 4 days. He didn't seem to mind so much when we were walking and exploring, but when it came to getting into the tent, he refused to get out of the car, which we took as his protest to go home.

This year we've decided to go to the same place if possible, but were really hoping for a more weather-proof form of accommodation.

Can anyone help?


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This thread (from last Tuesday) might help:

Also check out the usual...
03:00 Sat 21st Jan 2012
This thread (from last Tuesday) might help:

Also check out the usual websites:



However traditional printed guides are often the best. This is recognised as the 'bible' of pet-friendly accommodation. It's available in most bookshops and also stocked by many libraries: User Recommendation


AB's server has done it again!!!

Whenever someone posts 2 Amazon links it only shows the text preceding the first one, together with the second link. The link above was posted as 'another possibility'. THIS is the 'bible' I was referring to: User Recommendation
There are many working farms, especially in the northern lakes, that welcome visitors with dogs and they tend to be a bit cheaper than the accomodation in the more touristy southern lakes.
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Brilliant! I cant believe someone else was looking for the exact same thing.

If you are going to throw your dogs into a 'friendly' lake does that mean that they won't have the usual dodgy doggie odour when they come out again?
I tried to pet a friendly lake but all I got was a wet hand...........

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