Money Or Honey On The Internet

16:36 Mon 24th May 2010 |

Most of us in the UK now use the internet every day. Whether it is at home in the evening, at work during our lunch break or at the weekend we are surfing the web more and more. There are many reasons to use the internet and two of the biggest are online banking and social networking.

Apparently using the internet to keep up with finances is a more popular pursuit than staying in touch with old friends through social networking, according to surprising new research.

A study from an online banking company shows that people in Britain spend more than three billion hours per year switching money between accounts on the internet.

This can be compared to the 2.7 billion hours Britons spend online annually on websites such as MySpace and Facebook, the company added. Many people use social networking sites like these to keep in touch with people who they wouldn’t normally speak to or who they have lost touch with. It can be relatively easy to type in the name of your best friend at school to find they have been living in the street next to yours for years and you didn’t know it. Or they have emigrated to the other side of the world and would love you and your family to come and stay for a free holiday.

A representative from the company remarked that online banking is currently the biggest draw of the internet. We are flocking to internet banking, where we can instantly access and manage our finances at a time and location of our choice as well as pick up some of the best rates on the market. It only takes a small amount of research on the web to find out which bank is offering the biggest deals for our money.

This comes as figures have revealed that Facebook has now overtaken MySpace as the internet's most popular social networking site.

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