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carlton23 | 10:45 Tue 11th Jan 2011 | Technology
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Last night I started to do a Defrag but couldn`t stay awake long enough for it to finish, so I put it in Pause mode and then Hibernate. Today I`ve started again and would like to know this,...Does it start defragging from the start again after pausing overnight, and can I defrag both C & D files at the same time? tia.


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The defrag will carry on from where it left of before the pause.

Note that a defrag is moving chunks of data all over your disk, so I am not sure it is a good idea to go into hibernate in the middle of it (even after a pause),

You could have left it running overnight and gone to bed and it would have run to completion.
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I will remember in future VHG, thanks
If you are using the defrag program in Windows this takes a long time to do its job. A bettter and more efficient defrag program which is free is Auslogics Disk Defrag . It can defrag and optimise your hard drive in one operation it is a lot faster and more through.
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Thanks galek1947, I`ll keep it in my memory for next months check.
You will be better off with a defragmenter that will defrag in the background even while you work and defrag using idle resources. That way you dont need to schedule the defrag or set aside time to perform this task which can take a very long time with the built in program. Check out trial versions of alternative automatic programs.

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