Calibre ebook software is it safe ?

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modeller | 12:51 Mon 03rd Jan 2011 | Technology
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Calibre for viewing ebooks seems an excellent means of downloading ebooks in all formats and its a free download but I have experienced a couple of problems which casts doubt on the good reports.
1. If you go on the site it is possible to watch a demo but there are numerous problems including streaming , illegible text, and the Indian accent of the presenter when you can hear it between the streaming breaks every 20 seconds.
2. When you try to download it a warning notice comes up saying the site may be unsafe .

I went on to Google and the same query had come up but it had been given a good report on it's safety as well as saying how good it was.
So I tried again to install it but this this time a message came up saying there was problems connecting to the site.

Can anyone advise on these matters please ?


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1) the streaming problems are a problem your end, not on the calibre site (it works fine for me) and I'm not sure why you'd think an Indian accent is a indication of a problem at all!

2) it's available for download from Cnets download site, which is a trusted site so I wouldn't have any worries about downloading it.

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I find any accent difficult to understand from Glasgow to Jamaica not just Indian . I would have thought any company dealing with the public would ensure their presentation was as perfect as possible , especially speech. In this case I thought if you can't get that right , coupled with
the poor graphics I had better be careful.

Thank's for the link I shall try it out.
Strangely enough, I picked up Calibre from Cnet the other day. No problems with it and must admit trust Cnet not to offer dodgy downloads.
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Thanks everyone I downloaded it from cnet no problems at all . I haven't tried it out yet but it's a good start .
I've been using it for months, as have all my friends with eReaders.
Is this suitable for Sony ereaders??
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As far as I know yes !
Yes, I have a Sony eReader
hi, dear, I’ve try to free download Calibre ebook software from its official website and find it work very nice, great job! Media URL:
well, as to the problem, XFlip software is one really great tool worthwhile trying!

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Calibre ebook software is it safe ?

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