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tobergill | 07:56 Sun 02nd Jan 2011 | Technology
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Hi chaps.......I have had a desk top for 7 years.

I am thinking about getting a lap top.

Question.......Do I just plug new lap top into phone line OR is there more to it than that.

Simple everyday answers please.
Thank you


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Are you currently on dial-up (no broadband)? If not, you presumably have either a USB modem or a router/modem. If the latter then you can just connect the laptop to the router in place of your existing PC. If you have a USB modem, you'll need to install the drivers and also configure it with your username, password, etc. for your ISP (you should have a disk supplied by your ISP).
In the unlikely event that you are on dial-up, you'll need a modem (not sure if modern laptops incorporate one, so you'll need to check the specs.) If this is the case then you'll need to configure the dial-up connection with the 'phone number, username and password supplied by your ISP.
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Hi rojash............I have broadband with a modem.
Then you'll need to connect the modem to your laptop, and run the installation/configuration software that was supplied by your ISP.
Get a wireless router that plugs into the phone line, then you can use the laptop wirelessly wherever you like.

Some broadband providers supply wireless routers free to new customers. Ring yours and ask for one, they might be feeling generous.
Tell them you are thinking of moving to another provider and they might cut your price aswell as sending you one.

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Lap top enquiry

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