Internet problems when using Torrents and new Virgin Media Superhub.

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36TEAK36 | 11:44 Sun 05th Dec 2010 | Technology
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I posted the below question recently about my new Virgin Media Superhub which I am trialing for Virgin, and was trying to find out why I was unable to open up any other internet pages at the same time I was downloading something via BitTorrent or UTorrent. Albags recommended reducing the number of connections in the Torrent Client, and this seemed to work , but now I am having the exact same problem and I have absolutely no idea how to resolve it.If I close down the Torrent Client everything works ok, but as soon as I open the client (even if I am not downoading anything) I cannot open another web page.

I am on the verge of unplugging this new superhub and going back to my separate modem and router.

Any help would be most appreciated.



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Hi. i have had the exact same problem myself.I have 50mb broadband and use utorrent to download.
I did some reading on the forums and i found one where someone said to turn off the firewall on your router i went to and turned the firewall of and it has worked, am downloading now and can still open web pages as normal. Hope this helps.
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