no facebook in vietnam

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lumination | 11:29 Sun 05th Dec 2010 | Technology
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im in vietnam at the moemnt and i cant seem to get onto facebook. has facebook been blocked in vietnam?


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aren´t you lucky
Lots of countries don't allow facebook, lumi - gives people a chance to speak to the world outside! Good that you can get on here though - how's it going?
If you google it, there's loads of stuff about the communist government blocking it, you could use a proxy site, but some of them steal your details and hack your account so be careful.
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oh thanks molly! i did see one of them but thought best not to use it.
yeah so ill be behind on my blog! grrrrr. oh well, will have to wait till Laos! thanks guys.
I didn't know you were on a big trip, just around asia? When and where did it start/ will finish?
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oh. im started on the 10th nov in bangkok. since then i went to cambodia then to kuala lumpa, penang, langkawi then back to kuala lumpa. and now im in vietnam. im going to laos, thailand, hong kong, australia, fiji, hawaii, LA and vegas then flying back home to gatwick. finish on the 16th may.
i do have a blog on facebook, i would give you the link but i cant find it hahaha. maybe if you search my name here it will be on a question ive put up.
thinking about travelling yourself?
Looks as if Laos should be okay but Vietnam has blocked it.

Lumination's blog:

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awww thanks Jno!
Know about Proxies?
You need to ask some of the Uni PC'ers. They will help you to connect to it.
may be all too much hassle if she's in a cafe in Ha Long, Al Bags.
Just change the IP address, you can easily log in facebook in vietnam. Any internet shop man is able to show you how to log in facebook in Vietnam.


Hey girl :-)

I'm a bit late, but hopefully you'll get this eventually!

Loving your FaceBook posts, looks like you're having a blast, looks fantastic.

As always, stay safe xxx
sounds like a great trip. Have a lovely Christmas

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no facebook in vietnam

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