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salguod1953 | 11:57 Mon 28th Feb 2005 | Technology
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I have a video clip, in Korean with a seprate folder for the subtitles. I plays fine on my PC but when I try to make a DVD disk to play on a domestic DVD player all I get is the movie and original Korean soundtrack. How can I link the two file types to burn on to a DVD disk. I have been trying it using Nero 6.


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Either use a program like 'virtualdub' to burn the subs directly onto the video and then make the DVD, or you need to find an authoring program that can deal with subtitles. One of the best is 'DVD-lab pro', but it's not cheap. There is lots of info here:

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many thanks for your quick response smorodina .. I'll get on that.

how about dvd shrink which is a free programme( just google it).

when you reauthor you just tick the language you want and delete the others then burn your dvd.

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Many thanks yellowjohn. DVD shrink seems to work with Video-TS type files . .I had it as an .avi (I think) type of file.

No worries  . . . bought the disk legit . . 'Oldboy' great movie :-)

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Burning DVD Subtitles

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