Can you top up a toner cartridge ?

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sarah_louise | 09:32 Sat 06th Nov 2010 | Technology
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Just bought a £45 Brother toner cartridge a week before the printer HL 1430 packed in.
I feel very reluctant to throw it out or give it away if I could transfer the toner into the different size replacement on another Brother printer HL2030 I have when that one runs out.
Is this a DIY type job ?


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(and toner is carcinogenic so don't try it)
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Didnt know that ?

I had already read the following regarding refill kits

If you have ever removed a sheet of paper jammed in your machine covered with loose toner, or removed the seal strip from a cartridge, you will probably have got some toner on your hands and in the air. There is no need to have more exposure to toner than this in refilling.

Some machines, particularly older copiers, require you to top up a toner reservoir from a bottle as the normal replenishment method anyway.

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Can you top up a toner cartridge ?

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