Did anyone lose their broadband connection this morning?

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Dris | 19:33 Wed 03rd Nov 2010 | Technology
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I did for several hours.Just found out that the PO had to shut down and lots of others were affected.Thats the second time within a week.Last time was all friday night thro until saturday lunchtime.
Im in Scotland.
Just curious to see if it was localised.


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Not here, Dris......was ok as and when i needed it......was out from about 10.30 till 1.30pm though...........but being as i'm as far down the South of England as you can get (as i can see the sea from my house)........and the next stop is France, i think what affects you up in beautiful Scotland was probably localised.

Hope you're well, my lovely........gonna log off now and chill with the clan :0)

May see you on later and have a great night

yogi xx
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Cheers yogi and have fun with the cubs:) x
Hi Dris......You may be interested in my posting.


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Thanks Ron -ive got a solution to my problem from smurfchops thread :)


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Did anyone lose their broadband connection this morning?

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