Printer error after installing AVG 2011 & Malware?

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anotheoldgit | 17:03 Sat 23rd Oct 2010 | Technology
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Just thought I would post this in case anyone else has encountered the same problem.

A few days ago I downloaded the latest AVG 2011 free edition and Malware.

Today I had need to print a web page and when I clicked 'Print', a window came up which said 'Save the file as'. I cancelled this, and another window came up saying 'Printer Error' an unknown error occurred while printing.

Checking where the error was I noticed that the print window that comes up when one presses file/print, in the top window under printer name instead of the name of the printer I was using, for some reason this had been changed to
Micosoft XPS document writer, I changed this to the name of my printer and everything was back to normal.

Could it be due to the two new programmes I installed?


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Windows has probably "lost" your default printer and set it as something else.

Go into your "printer" window in the control panel and set your default printer.
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VHG Thanks for that, but no it is still ticked as default printer.

But as I have said, since I made the adjustment in File/Print everything seems OK now.

if the default printer is still set correctly then you probably either caught the scroll wheel of your mouse, or the scroll edge of your touch-pad after selecting print and changed the printer to the XPS document writer as the dialogue box opened without realising.

if you never use it (most people don't) You can delete the XPS document writer with any problems to stop it happening again.
*without any problems.

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Printer error after installing AVG 2011 & Malware?

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