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MrMister | 16:48 Sat 23rd Oct 2010 | Technology
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How different is Excel 2007 from Excel 2003 ? What ways to they differ ?

I want to do a training course in one of them but am unsure which version is most popular in companies these days.


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It's very different. The structure of the pages as you make the spreadsheet is extremely different, the tabs on 2007 are all across the top of the sheet, whereas you are used to drop-down menus in 2003. I have 2007 at home and 2003 at work so I am working between the two - might be worth mentioning that if you are sending spreadsheets to people without 2007, you need to save the sheet as 2003 first otherwise they wont' be able to open it.
For the average user both versions perform the same functions (no changes in formulas, etc.); as boxtops notes the main difference is the look of the program. 2007 uses the "ribbon" to display commands rather than the menu bar, and the ribbon can't be customized as the menu bar could, making it harder to get all your favorite commands in one place. 2007 also allows vastly more rows & columns than 2003 does.

Don't overlook the existence of Excel 2010, which is essentially 2007 with customizable ribbons!
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So what version shall i do training in ? whats in the business market these days ? I have always come across 2003..
Can't actually answer your question MrMister about which version to do, but I've been looking at doing an Excel course and you might want to look at this free tutorial in 2007. It's goes slowly and is pretty comprehensive. I'm at about lesson 12 and still a long way to go.

If for some reason the link doesn't work, google Smart Method Excel 2007.

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