dell laptop or mini note book

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pusskin | 16:38 Sat 23rd Oct 2010 | Technology
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I have a dell pc. and its great.
I am thinking of buying a dell laptop, but wonder if I will get on with one after having a permant p.c fixture in my bedroom. It will save me going up and downstairs all the time.
but --
I've been told that a mini note book is good and lots cheaper.
What is a mini notebook please.

I'm not into all the latest technology as you can see lol

many thanks for any replies


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A mini notebook is just a smaller version of a laptop, but lacks the hardware of a normal sized laptop.Notebooks have no dvd drive so you cant watch films on them, the screen is a lot smaller than a normal laptop.
Notebooks are generally used for surfing the internet & sending emails etc, it all depends on what you want either one for.
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hiya rogger73, thats just what I wanted to hear. mmm sounds good .
I just want it for email, googling, facebook, answerbank , maybe skype too?
I will have a look in currys tomorrow, and maybe get to see what the mini thing book looks like. Do you need any attachments with it?
than you so much for reply x
The only attachments you may want to get is a wireless mouse because if you are not used to the touchpad on the net/notebook it can take a bit of getting used too.
Also there is a netbook avaliable with a small screen (below 8 inches) do not bother with something this small.
I always say if it is a netbook then the screen size you should be looking for is 10.1 inches and a laptop anything over 15 inches.
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jHi Rogger73
I was wondering about the use of a mouse. I think I'd find it very hard to get along without one now, so many thanks for the reminder .
I want something that I can take camping , holidays etc, to catch up on emails, facebook etc. I wont jump into buying till I have a good look round to see what suits me.

thanks once again rogger -- sleep well

Did you get what you wanted in the end.

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dell laptop or mini note book

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