Freeview reception problems. Would booster work?

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flobadob | 11:06 Tue 12th Oct 2010 | Technology
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Our Freeview reception has been flickering on some stations since yesterday and I notice from another thread that the problem may be down to atmospheric pressure. If that is the case would an aerial signal booster have any positive effects on the signal or would it still be poor due to weather conditions etc. I'm thinking of going to Argos today to get this


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Also if anyone knows could they let me know as I'm going to get it at 1 o'clock or so but wouldn't bother if it was not going to help. Cheers.
a booster will only boost the bad signal you already have in most cases it means getting an outdoor digital aerial as i had to do
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It is an outdoor aerial, although I have it fitted in the roofspace.
did the booster work?......think i may have the same problem
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Never got to the shop then. Going to get it tomorrow. Though I still am unsure whether there's any point as it may be to to with the signal which is being transmitted rather than the signal being received. Where's chuck or buenchino when you need them?
where do you live, flobadob? there are times when we get interference from French stations, here on the south coast.
You need to mount your Aerial on the outside of the Building rather than in the Roof Space which should improve reception. Roof space Aerials are Ok when the signal being received is strong. Make sure the Aerial and cabling are in good condition.
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I think the signal is coming from somewhere around Limavady in Northern Ireland. There is another thread in which I think Buenchino said it was due to the weird atmospheric pressure we're having, the benefit of which is the good weather. To be honest I'll take good weather over bad tv signal any day of the year. Except for matches.
Have you changed over from Analogue to Digital yet in Northern Ireland flobadob ?
How far do you live from the Transmitter as this has a bearing on your Reception.
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Redman, it was grand up until yesterday evening, also as I say there are a few people mentioning that they are having problems so there must be something in it.
Weather conditions will affect TV reception at times especially if there is abnormal Sun Activity. I would still be inclined to mount a good Aerial on your Roof which should help improve things.
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But would the booster help as I'd rather do that.
A great quality directional hi-gain antenna (like Triax Unix 52/100) well aligned in moderate to good signal areas is unlikely to be affected much (if at all) by atmosperic conditions)
Anything else could be affected.
Good quality antenna and mast amp is the way to go.

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Freeview reception problems. Would booster work?

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