adding a ms access database to a website using http

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fairkatrina | 00:07 Tue 24th Aug 2010 | Technology
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ok I'm a total dunce when it comes to scripting http, and every 'help' site I've looked on is far too technical for me! can anyone advise if I can add a ms access database to a website and use http to create a box that will search the database? and if this is possible, can anyone explain in tiny baby steps how I would go about it??? thanks in advance!


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I said I was a dunce, I meant html, not http!
Generally speaking, Jet databases (which some people call Access databases) are not really suitable for websites, though people will disagree with me on this...

You will really need to contact your ISP about this - they may not even support this sort of functionality...
Websites can be hosted on Windows or Linux platforms (and others).

If your web site is hosted on Linux then this Access database will not work.

Even on a Windows hosted site it is not a good idea to use Access databases (they are not really designed for multi user use so dont suit a web site very well).

You are best finding an alternative solution.
I wouldn't have thought this possible. Web based databases are usually in MySQL or similar.
> I wouldn't have thought this possible.

It's possible so long as:
1) the ISP permits it (a surprising amount don't)
2) the website is running on Windows / IIS (Internet Information Server)
3) the webserver supports technologies such as ASP / ASP.NET, PHP, Java etc

However, as has been pointed out, it's most certainly not recommended, as Jet is simply not designed to be used in the disconnected architecture of the WWW.

I'm presently upgrading an old website which uses ASP Classic and Jet to an ASP.NET 4 / SQL Server 2008 web application...
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ok thanks peeps, at least I got a straight answer here!

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adding a ms access database to a website using http

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