Netsky Virus. HELP!

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Potatoman | 19:04 Wed 09th Feb 2005 | Technology
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Everyday, i get hit with Netsky thru email. Norton Internetsecurtiy 2005 is checking all emails, fully up to date, Service pack 2 and all update, Microsoft spyware and adaware. It is quarentinining the files, then says that the file cant be reapaired. This is starting to worry me. What does the virus do? Shouldnt it be squashed before the email even downloads to thunderbird? What do it do? its hitting me before i can owt about it! Iv read thru and i know im using norton properly.


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Get a removal tool and follow the instructions exactly.

Tools can be got from here: ;tag=vtc.zdnn.pb
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Nice one, thanks for that. Does that mean my my email address is now doomed to rec these random email that contain the virus?
I don't think so. As I recall (someone will correct me if I'm wrong) Netsky doesn't come by email but exploited a Windows flaw to gain entry.

Make sure you've got your firewall turned on!

Regardless of which AV product you use, turn off the preview pane in Outlook, delete suspicious e-mails by right-click on them. Don't even preview any e-mail that looks suspicious.
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Its definatley coming thru email, but i do have the preview pane open in thunderbird.

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Netsky Virus. HELP!

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