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joko | 21:17 Sun 01st Aug 2010 | Technology
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i have been sent a pdf file.... i would like to edit it - not change the content, but just be able to colour code various sections and words...

can anyone recommend a FREE pdf editor that allows this?

i came across one once but i cant remember what it was called



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I've never needed to modify any PDF documents, so can't say what these will do for you - but you can always try them.

PDFEscape is an on line editor which uses your browser - but you need JavaScript enabled to do the editing :

If you have Open Office installed, have a look at the Sun PDF Import extension which may well let you do exactly what you want :
The whole point of a pdf is that it is protected from changes.
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you have to add the protection though...

this can be done, i have done it before, just cant remmber the program

thanks huderon
The point of editable pdf's is that you can download a blank form, add to it, save and email back!
Unfortunately, there are few pdf "editors" that actually work properly.
I have had some success with Scansoft's stuff, but only sure way is Adobe Acrobat Pro!
Try Huderon's suggestions.

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pdf edit other peoples pdfs

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