Crap freeview reception

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homedeeth | 21:50 Fri 30th Jul 2010 | Technology
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I live in Warwick. In a block of 3 flats. The freeview reception i get is complete pants. Channels BBC1 to Channel 5 are ok but the rest just pixelate and freeze constantly. I can't watch it after a while. It's annoying cos i can't get to watch FIlm4
Is this because we haven't got the full strength signal yet to be released? Or is something to do with the Warwick area? Or my freeview box? or what?


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thats what i want to find out too. i have the same problem in leeds. when i first moved in a month ago the freeview reception were pretty good, as week went by its getting weaker sometimes i have to switch to analogue and watch the normal teressals 1-5.(still really snowy but at least i get to watch) there r times i have to do a rescan on digital..... doesnt pick up all the channels. i have a booster too... i think im going to buy a new aireal and see if it made any difference.
I know Warwick .. and you should be pointing an antenna at Sutton Coldfield. There is nothing to stop you getting a great signal where you are.
Are you sharing an antenna on the roof with other residents?
If so, the landlords have probably just split the cable and amplified it .. bad!
I'm in York and for the last few weeks freeview has been absolute rubbish..........I think it's because they're doing work on the Emley Moor transmitter for the changeover.
The Central TV area isn't due to complete the digital switchover until next year, so you're correct in assuming that the digital transmitters in your area are currently operating at reduced power (so as not to cause interference to the analogue signals).

However it's also obvious that your aerial system isn't good enough. Please see my posts here:

Oops! Wrong link!

This says much the same but offers more detail:

^ You just didn't ask the obvious tho.

Reduced power of Sutton Coldfield's main amp at Warwick will barely be noticeable.
Analogue: 1000Kw
Pre DSO 8Kw
Post DSO 200Kw
Channel 5 actually comes from Lichfield.
Sutton Coldfield is nominally omnidirectional for most of its digital
output. MUX 6 has a restriction between NNW and NNE. It is also transmitted from 15m lower down the mast and it has co-channel issues with Winter Hill (digital MUX6) It's common to have problems with MUX 6, even with a wideband or E group aerial.
To those of you suffering poor reception on your Freeview boxes – you could try one of these:-

In general, the higher the gain the better – so go for model AP01339 which has a gain of 26dB. These so-called masthead amplifiers have a much better performance than the run of the mill general-purpose type boosters - sold in Argos etc. Bear in mind that these masthead amplifiers have f type signal connectors (rather than standard aerial connectors) and require a 12Vdc supply.

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Crap freeview reception

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