Win XP SP3 Log off problems

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acleaver | 11:45 Sat 08th May 2010 | Technology
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I have to log off twice in Windows XP SP2.......... anyone know why please? It is anly a recent problem (couple of weeks) but jolly annoying! Thank in advance for your help.... but keep it simple, I;m no techie!!


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How many user accounts do you have set up?
Are you administrator status?
User switching is problematical in XP .. Do you use it?
If possible, don't use it. Switch off in Control Panel/User Accounts .. find the checkbox and uncheck.
Do you mean it reboots and starts up again or just waits at the shutdown message ?
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I am the only user on my home laptop. I think that makes me the administrator (how do I find out?) I do not use user switching........... I have turned off the option as you suggested thank you. I'll try and see if it has cured the problem but I still do noy understand why this has occurred because no one else logs onto this computer.
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Tried to log off again but still it refuses!! When I place the mouse over the 'Turn Off' button the colour fades on the background wallpaper but when I click to confirm it simply resumes!
Check your background processes, or think about programs you may have been running. One process is preventing it.
Check in Task Manager : )
AlBags is correct, it will be a process not quiting properly, it would be worth checking the event log, (control panel > administrative tools > event viewer)

try to log out, then check the logs for errors, if there are any that correspond with you trying to log out it will give you a good clue to the cause. If you are unsure post the log entry.

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Win XP SP3 Log off problems

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