Mail attachments in Emails.

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anotheoldgit | 14:33 Thu 29th Apr 2010 | Technology
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Why when sending or receiving Emails via Firefox/Outlook Express, that contain attachments of photographs does it sometimes also contain a separate file, which contains the text of the message? I feel sure that this is only a recent phenomenon.

When I click on this file, a small box appears, named "Mail Attachment" (type FireFox document) and asks me if I want to open it.

Is there a way to prevent the appearance of this file?


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I think when receiving? The ISP does this, I think.
I zip any attachments up and attach that. More reliable.
Haven't noticed this when sending mail. I know if you receive a mail that has a mail attachment it simply means that rather than copying the text/images the sender just saves the mail THEY have received and attach it as a mail attachment to yours. A rather poor/lazy manner of mailing, unless you are actually meant to see the original mail.

If you mean why you get the piccy in the mail and also as an attachment, the sender would have drag-n-dropped the image in the mail rather than pasting it.
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Mail attachments in Emails.

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