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sprayer | 10:23 Thu 29th Apr 2010 | Technology
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I have just received an email in response to a question that I asked, I immediately got back an
"auto reply" saying this person is away until (date) and will respond on return, this auto reply
was from and it seemed like a good idea to me and I was wondering if it could be
done on outlook express (I am running version 6) and if it can, how?


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You can do it using message rules in outlook express.

But you would need to leave the computer on with outlook express running and set to automatically check for new mails periodically.
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Thanks for your answer chuckfickens but if I have to leave my computer on for
24/7 I think I will give it a miss, but thanks for the info on how it's done.
Out of office is great for spammers as when they send out their mailshots to 2 million random addresses, they know which ones are genuine when they receive an "out of office" reply.

Don't use them. It only increases spam.

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