Why does my laptop cursor keep moving when I'm typing?

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Lorraine | 20:02 Wed 21st Apr 2010 | Technology
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I start typing and click on the cursor in the place where I want to type
It's so annoying because I can be typing away and all of a sudden the cursor goes backwards and I end up typing in the middle of previous text.
How can I stop this from happening ?


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It's detecting you catching the touch pad with your hands and moving the cursor.

some drivers have an option to turn on palm detect and adjust the sensitivity of it which can help, or you just turn off the tap to click option in the touchpad drivers.
oh tell me about it lorraine, mine does it all the time. its so annoying ...
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So what can I do to stop it happening Chuck? do I just try and avoid the cursor while typing?
lorraine, maybe disable the touch pad and use a mouse instead? i might try that but im lazy..
Welcome to the site BTW lorraine.

I've learnt to just avoid the touchpad while typing, but I use lots of different laptops a day so couldn't really do it any other way.

you'll need to supply the make and model of the laptop for the other options, as not all touchpads have the same options in the drivers for them. Most will have a way to disable the tap to click feature (simulates a left mouse click if you briefly tap the touchpad anywhere). Turning this off will solve the problem and if you didn't know about the feature then you probably are not using it :)
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WB, I'm also lazy, and dumb when it comes to computers

Ok, thanks Chuck, I think i'll just try and avoid the touch pad and thanks for he welcome.

I have another problem it's with the keys, They are messed up on me. I have to hold down the FN key to type, otherwise everything is like this.

he336 0y na0e 5s 6rra5ne
that says ^^ hello my name is Lorraine,

How can I get them back to normal, without having to keep holding down the FN key?
on my Toshiba Fn+F11 toggles part of the keyboard being used as a numeric keypad
Hold down the Fn Key and press the F11 key once (that is the Num-lock key and it toggles on and off)
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I just get a full screen when I press the FN and F11 keys
look for a key that says num lock on it and press that (if it says num lock in a different colour than normal you need to hold down the FN key and press num-lock)
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Chuck I dont have a key with num-lock on it,i have 3 arrow keys over the ctrl key (bottom left) could it be one of them?
you will have a num-lock key, they are normally in the top right corner of the keyboard but can sometimes be an extended function on one of the F keys along the top of the keyboard.

What make and model of laptop is it?
I had the same problem when I first bought a laptop - couldn't control the cursor. Bought a cheap optical mouse and have had no probs since.
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I have a key at the top that says Num with an arrow beside it pointing down and on the same key it has Scr also with an arrow pointing down.
The comp is a Fujitsu Siemens
yep that's the one, press that once and the letters will type letters, press it again and some will type numbers (if you look at the uio keys for example, they also say 456 on them)

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Testing , yeah yippie, thanks Chuck that worked .........oh and thanks for the pic I will keep that, just in cas I have any more probs. Thanks again xx

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Why does my laptop cursor keep moving when I'm typing?

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