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pinktwink | 21:06 Tue 13th Apr 2010 | Technology
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have just purchased a new iphone and trying to set it up. What a nightmare. does anyone know if i can transfer the numbers from my old phone and sim to the iphone and how to do this. I have my old sim card in the i phone but it doesnt seen to pick up the numbers


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Have you checked that the numbers were actually saved to the SIM? If they were saved on the phone you would need to copy to SIM first, then put the SIM in the new phone and choose copy to phone.
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yes they were saved to SIM unsure how to copy from sim to phone from iphone
you can't copy cantacts from the sim to the iphone.

if possible, you need to export the contacts from your old phone onto a computer, import the contacts into the computers address book and then sync the iphone with the computer.
not true Chuck, the vodaphone chappy did it from the SIM in store when my friend bought one the other day
ChuckFickens is right, you load your Contacts into Microsoft Outlook. This will then synch with the iPhone and give you a backup of your Contacts should anything happen to the phone.
I may have been wrong as it goes, you certainty couldn't import from the SIM in older software versions, but since version 3 it seems you can.

Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Import SIM Contacts
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thanks everyone

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