Orange email not working

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Coldicote | 12:22 Tue 30th Mar 2010 | Technology
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I cannot access Orange webmail to check whether I have any incoming emails, or send emails. It was working OK yesterday, 30.03.10, and suddenly it stopped and I now get a blank page, except for a few meaningless symbols and the word 'undefined'. Is anyone else having this problem and any ideas how to deal with it? Orange give an address at Rotherham that one can write to, but that's not good enough in this situation. There have apparently been previous similar instances reported on AB in the latter part of last year. I pay quite dearly for Orange Broadband and am feeling fed up about it. Suggestions/comments welcome.


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I have the same problem. It has happened before!!! It makes me angry too. Usually it sorts itself out after a day (I know that doesn't help when you want to check your mail). But messing with settings etc can be really tedious and a waste of time. If you go to your 'history' browser and click on the last time you successfully accessed your orange account you might get in that way..... It worked for me. However, logging on the usual way is giving me the same results as you've got. It helps to know you're not the only one...
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Thank for your response judi. I'm glad to say that the problem seems to have been dealt with and webmail is working normally again for me. I hope it is for you.

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Orange email not working

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