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codswallop | 22:24 Fri 26th Feb 2010 | Technology
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My son sent me a very short video that was created using Qik VideoCamera application for the iPhone.But when I down load it I can only get the audio. Any ideas p[lease????


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It's just because you don't have a codec installed that will display the video element.
There are two ways to do it.
1. Download Mediainfo .. Free .. on the web, run it and try to match the codec with one from web.
2. Try a few ... Ffdshow installed will play lots of different formats. Especially mpeg4, which it could be. I think is 3gp format. You may also need Haali Media splitter.
So try these first ... (MMX version of Ffdshow) Should work fine!
These are just codecs and are only in use when you play the media. They are not programmes as such.

Latest Haali splitter (Link top right) just use this instead of second link above.
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Thanks AIB,that might be a bit beyond this old codger,I'll wait till my son comes round and we'll sort it together......I hope!!
Just tell him to install Ffdshow and Haali Media Splitter.
Second and third links.

Quicktime will probably play it too, but it's a rather large and "invasive" install.
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Thanks, great minds think alike,both you and my son suggested Quicktime and it worked.

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