Lcd 40 incher

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MrIncredible | 18:49 Fri 26th Feb 2010 | Technology
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Bought a 40inch lcd tv today and now i want to mount it on my wall...
are there any do's and don'ts i should look out for and can anyone recomend a good bracket that doesn't cost the earth?
Thanks in advance


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in a mo
Have you checked inside the box.......mine came with a wall bracket.
Question Author
Doesnt arrive till next thursday, Doubt it will have one in there tho!
You may find the wall mount is extra. Check ebay and get shallowest one you can. You may be looking for some 10mm plastic plugs, drill bit, and rawlbolts (like satellite bolts) around 65mm Satellite fitting kits are ideal.
Check with your retailer......mine had a bracket for wall mounting and feet if I wanted to put it on a stand............I didn't even notice until I'd unpacked everything.
I know my Pioneer Plasma one was over 100 quid! Ripoff really, but best around.
Don`t mount it too high or you`ll get a cricked neck
Check for any cables or water pipes beneath the plaster before drilling. If it's a studded wall, rather than brick, try to fix the bracket to the wooden studding.
I had trouble getting a good fix on a thermal block wall ,but was lucky enough to be able to put two 6mm rods through to other side which happen to be in the garage ,
bit over the top but the weight of bracket was as heavy as the tv

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Lcd 40 incher

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