Indoor freview arial

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beejaybee | 12:14 Fri 19th Feb 2010 | Technology
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I have an analogue tv in my bedroom & would like to get freeview on it. Is there a way I can do this without having to put another arial up outside please. TIA


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One aerial can feed more than one TV.

You can get aerial spliiters, or even an aerial amplifier. I have an aerial amplifier that splits the signal down to four TVs in my house in four different rooms..

If you are near the TV transmitter you MAY be able to get by with an indoor aerial.
If you want good Freeview reception you will either need to "T" off your existing outside ariel or provide another one. The fittings needed are cheap and can be purchased virtually anywhere.
If you have an attic you may get reasonable reception off an ariel in your attic. This would cost more than teeing off your existing ariel .
You will also need a Freeview digital box of course to connect to your analogue TV if you haven't already got one.
Obviously you're going to need a freeview box or such like but a good amplified indoor aerial should be sufficient if you live in a good signal area. I use one with no problem.
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Thank you for your replies
My TV came with Freeview installed. The picture was so bad I had to bring back my old freeview box which gave a normal picture.

Therefore it may pay to shop around for the best freeview box.

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Indoor freview arial

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