iMac HD Display Problem please

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Deza | 07:56 Fri 19th Feb 2010 | Technology
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If you click on the HD icon on the desktop a box appears that has Macintosh HD across the top. On the left hand column it says Devices then lists Macintosh HD and iDisk. It says Places and then lists Desktop, my name, Applications and Documents and then it says Search For and then lists Today, Yesterday, Past Week, All Images, All Movies, All Documents. The Problem. Yesterday I inadvertanty dragged off the last line of this (the purple folder icon and the All Documents title) and it 'exploded' and disappeared. How do I get it back please? If it helps I have an Iomega HDD icon on the desktop too. Sorry to bother you and thank you so much.


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These folders are known as canned searches and are part of the core system. To replace it you will have to locate it through the Finder. Click Mac HD/Library/Core Services/Finder. Control click the Finder icon, click Show Package Contents. Click Contents/Resources/Canned Searches. Choose the one you have lost (All Documents)and drag the icon back to the Search For bar in your Finder window. You should be up and running now.
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Milvus, thank you for your help. Am most grateful. I have double clicked the HD icon on the desktop and then selected Library. However I can't see a Core Services option. My list reads Address Book Plug-Ins, Application Support, Audio, Caches, CFMSupport, ColorSync etc. Am I looking in the wrong place, please?
You're right Deza, I missed a link.
The start should read Mac HD/System/Library/Core Services/Finder......
I missed the System link. Sorry
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Good morning and thank you for your continued help. Have followed your instructions and everything is fine until I get into the Canned Searches. When I try to click and drag the All Documents icon it comes up with the "no entry" sign when I try drag it across to the Search area. I suspect I am still doing something that is wrong. Sorry to be a nuisance.
I'm sure it used to be easier than this before Snow Leopard! There are some more steps, as you can't drag it directly. Get back to finding the canned search All Documents and control click the icon, click show package contents. You will see a file search.savedSearch. We need to copy this to another folder, in your Documents folder for instance. Drag the file Search.saved search to your documents folder. It will copy it over. Now you have to rename the search file to All Documents (select it and click once). It will show as All Documents.saved searches. Select the All Docs file, click control i and the info pane will pop up, half way down it under Name and Extension, check the box hide extension and the .saved searches will disappear.
Drag your new All Documents to the sidebar and hey presto!
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Milvus, sorry to be delayed getting back to you, haven't been online. Problem now resolved, many thanks for your time and expertise.

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iMac HD Display Problem please

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