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Coldicote | 10:48 Sat 13th Feb 2010 | Technology
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I have an irritating problem with Adobe Reader 9. When I switch on my PC a 'click bar' appears on my task bar with the Adobe Reader icon and the word 'Connect' on it. On the screen a notice indicates no dialling tone and shows a count down to a second attempt. If I wait for the count down to complete it will then connect. But what has connecting got to do with Adobe?

Other Adobe programmes I have are, Adobe AIR, Flash Player 10 ActiveX, and Shockwave Player 11.5. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling all of them but the nuisance still persists. By a process of elimination it seems to point to Reader being the problem. Has anyone else had this experience and found an answer to it? I'm thinking of uninstalling all the Adobe features. Can anyone suggest a reliable alternative PDF reader please?


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Click on custom during the install and remove the ticks from all the extras otherwise you'll end up with the ask toolbar installed as well.
I would recommend foxit reader, a much smaller programme than adobe reader.
Do the custom install and choose to install without the toolbar.
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Many thanks Chuck and Trish. You've both led me to 'Foxit reader' which I now have installed and working. I uninstalled Adobe Reader, which I think was the problem (it remains to be seen what happens when I switch on tomorrow!!), but still have on board Adobe Acrobat, AIR, Flash Player and Shockwave. I don't know whether they are still necessary with Foxit so will have to do a bit more experimenting. I wonder if Foxit will do just as well withoujt them?
You need to keep Adobe Flash Player (as this is used to display items on certain sites) but that's all.
Anything else can be junked as Foxit will do the rest.
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Thank you Willyboy and thanks again to Chuck and Trish. I've had no repeat of the original problem and am very glad to know about Foxit Reader. Pity about Adobe Reader as I had used it for years with no problems until the past few weeks. Perhaps it has grown 'too big for its boots'! Bye for now. Coldi.

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Another Adobe problem

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