Shut Down versus Sleep/Hibernate

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Dudley | 17:34 Fri 29th Jan 2010 | Technology
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Is it best to shut down a laptop (Windows7) or Sleep/Hibernate when not using say for more than an hour or so please?


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shut down is best and less chance of a virus.
Shut down is best 'cos it's more reliable. Also, sleep will continue to use power - though much reduced.
I always put my laptop into hibernation unless I have to do a re-boot to install updates. I find it causes no problems, does not use power and starts up so much quicker. I had posted on other forums for advice and no one could give me any reason to have to shut down the laptop fully.
It takes 12 seconds for my Win7 machine to be ready to use from a cold start, so I don't see any advantage in hibernating it.
and I don't see how shuting down hibernating makes any difference to the risk of getting a virus.

Shutting down does however ensure that all programs are definitely cleared from ram and gives the computer a nice clean state to start from at start up.
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Thanks Guys. Good info as usual and very helpful.

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Shut Down versus Sleep/Hibernate

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