How can I get sound when transferring vinyl using Audacity?

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anotheoldgit | 15:45 Thu 28th Jan 2010 | Technology
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Using a USB turntable to transfer my Vinyl records, I cannot get any sound.

I am using Audacity, in the manual it tells me to

Select the menu option "settings" in the "process" menu.

Select the tab "Audio E/A"

Carry out the following settings in the section "record".

--- Device. "USB Audio CODEC"

--- Channels. "2 (stereo)"

Select the option "Listen to new tracks during playback" if the record is to be played back simultaneously when recording.

The problem is I cannot find the "Process" menu.

Could it be that a later version of Audacity has been produced since the manual was written?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Tab is Audio I/O
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That's great rojash

There are two tick boxes, which should I tick please?

"Play other tracks while recording new one".

"Software playthrough (play new track while recording it)
If you want to hear it while it's being recorded - the second.
The first is for (eg) musicians, who might lay down one instrument, then need to hear it whilst recording the next.
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Once again rojash, thank you very much.

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How can I get sound when transferring vinyl using Audacity?

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