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Bubbles17 | 19:33 Sat 18th Dec 2004 | Technology
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what game were the PC Zone reviewers talking about when they said
"What starts out like a stroll in the park regarding the difficulty
level, soon turns into a unicycle ride through downtown LA - and
eventually becomes a camping holiday in CAmbodia." and who said it


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Lol - you'd like to know too, eh? I'm up to 97/100 myself. Seems to be one of only two of those review ones that isn't listed online, but the other one's dead easy anyway. This could be anything...
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Well, you're doing much better than me, I wouldn't be suprised if you win with a score like that. I am only on 88 and I have no hope of getting the others.  What other ones are you stuck on?

Good luck anyway,


This one, the studio founded by Warren Spector (like I posted on Usenet, I think that's a trick question), and the new feature in FIFA 2003 - there were a few, not sure which one they want. The Deus Ex review author is available online if you're still lookng. Good luck to you too :)
anyone wana trade answers to No 84? let me know
anybody wana trade answers, you tell me q84 and i'll tell u anyones u want (well a few of them).
All I know about 84 is that it doesn't seem to be in any issue I've got - and I started collecting on issue 66 (sometime in 1998). Unlike most of the others, it's not Google-able, either. This is one obscure review...
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Hi, But you couldn't have gone through every magazine you have got could you to find out that as that would surely have taken too long?

For �3000 worth of stuff it'd have to take a fair while - probalby quicking then earning that much any way up :) I've checked them all except 117-129 - got bored last night so I left those for tonight. The word "Cambodia" doesn't turn up that often in reviews (mostly Tomb Raider and the like so far :P), and not many other words are the same shape (Combine got me in HL2, same for a few others) so I'm scanning all the reviews for that, not actuallly reading every word - seems to work since I caught the one in the Tomb Raider (think it was Chronicles?) review.

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I bet your heart raced didn't it when you thought you found it, I bet mine would have.  well, I am a dedicated comper and enter hundreds of competitions but this one iis definitely proving a challenge, it has been fun though hasn't it finding the answers?

Yep - that one in Tomb Raider had me gutted - right word, wrong sentence. Yeah, it's been fun though - there's a fair few games I'll be picking up if I don't win them - suspect that may be the idea behind all those publishers donating stuff :) Putting screenshots in order when you haven't ever seen the game was a bit of a pain as well - and those haikus were just weird (OK for the most part though). Mostly done now though - one thing's for sure though, there's one country I never want to hear of again.
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Yes, I know, so are do you feel sure that you have 97 then? What other one did you say you were stuck on?  It is so infuriating though isn't it that we can't find it, it makes you wonder whether they are just sending us on a wild goosechase.
I'm sure about all of them except 5 (there seem to be 2 of them), 19 (think I've got it - there's not that many it could be), 40 (there are 5 answers by my reckoning), 49 (which one of them do they want?), 58 (he didn't, as far as I can tell, and man am I sick of reading about the guy), 77 (pretty sure of this, but unlike the others I can't find the actual online guides the screenshots are ripped from), 84 (aaargh) and 94 (assuming we're looking for a current PC game). That'd be a minimum of 92 - I think at least 5, 19 and 77 are good bets though, but 40 is an outright guess as to which one to drop.
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well good luck, anyway! Although I think it's going to be pot luck as no one really knows what PC Zone wants, do we?  Anyway, if you do win, post another message on ere.  I'd love to hear about it, k

Kind Regards,


Yeah - that's the problem. As always "The editor's decision is final" - be nice to win though, if only for the speakers. I've been after a new set for ages (wouldn't say no to the rest though). Good luck to you too - I'll be back if anything interesting happens...
Gah - it's not in any of them (unless it's in issue 120, which never arrived for no apparent reason despite me being a subscriber at the time, and which they've never had any back issues of) - but I've checked the major reviews from that issue on their site, and it's not in those either. Too long ago for me :(
has anyone got the answer to q84?
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No and it's really bugging me
ye me too, looked through all the pc zones that i got from the past year and no look. don't know what else i can do
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How many do you think you've got right?
Confirmed number 94 wandering about in Gamestation this morning - pretty sure of 96/100 now, with 1 suspected trick question, 2 that come down to lucky guesses, and 1 not-a-hope-in-hell (yup, #84) left to go.

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